Active! zone powerfully supports to safeguard your business email communications. Active! zone removes harmful/malicious contents from emails coming to your email network and protects your sensitive business data from any misuse.

Main Features

  • URL Masking

    If any URL exists in incoming email messages, it will be automatically masked and converted to inaccessible URL. This function enables to remove the risk of accessing malicious web sites.

  • Removal of Macro in attachments

    Macro viruses are removed from office documents when routing. After deleting them, the files are attached and delivered to the user. As all the macros have been removed, there is no risk of getting infected by any virus while opening the attachments.

  • Image-preview of file attachments

    After separation of the file attachments, image-preview of those is enabled. Users must confirm attachments through image-preview before downloading them. This functions enables to avoid downloading of doubtful files carelessly.

How it works

All incoming emails are automatically routed to Active! zone, where all attached files are separated. Then, set policies will be applied, making it threat free, to protect your business from diversified e-mail threats such as spams/malwares/spoofing/phishing etc.

Other Features

  1. Advanced Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

    We have adopted two proven solutions to protect your business emails from conventional attacks. One of them is CLOUDMARK’s anti-spam filter. We take pride in its spam detection rate of above 99% and less than 0.00001% of false positives. The another is Kaspersky’s anti-virus, which is preferentially used by more than 400 million users in the world.

  2. Converting HTML mail into Text data

    In this, HTML tags of incoming emails are removed and text data is extracted. By completely removing all the malicious codes probably included in HTML tags, incoming emails are sanitized before arriving at your network.

  3. Converting Attachments to Text data

    Text data is extracted from incoming email attachments and the sanitized text files are sent to the recipient as attachment files.

  4. Separation of file attachments

    All incoming email attachments are automatically separated and risks involved in being infected with macro viruses when users open the attachments are avoided. The notification message indicating separation of file attachments can be added at the head of email message.

Configuration Image